Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Modern Mamahood: Confession Time!

Evidence of me trying to mix computers and parenting -- no one looks happy.

Well first of all, we all know that the term "good parenting" is highly subjective. But for the sake of this conversation, our operational definition of "good parenting" is being present when with your child, meeting their needs in a way that maintains their trust, teaching what to do and what not to do, playing and stimulating.

I'm bringing this topic up because it's something I struggle with myself due to my professional lifestyle and I have a feeling other LL moms may be able to relate. Sometimes it feels like the work never ends, and sometimes it literally doesn't. Even when I'm "not working", my phone is still attached to my hand as I try to reply to an email in the 40-seconds I have while my 13mo old is distracted.

But there's more. I work from home with self-made flexible hours and when the work I'm doing isn't as demanding, I'll chill with my laptop and the baby to get more interaction time while she's in the care of someone else (my husband's for example). Or I'll be forced to work while she's in my care because I have a deadline to meet -- like right now.

In both scenarios, the laptop comes between myself and my child. And my child wants to come between me and my laptop, which I know is true because she often sits right between me and it. I have to tell her to stop banging the keys or trying to close the laptop. Then I stop and think to myself, what am I doing? She doesn't understand, and all she's picking up on is that mommy is too distracted to give her full attention to her baby girl. Not good.

With the persistent evolution of computers into all areas of our lives...not only do most households have laptops, but most parents have Smart Phones, and now we have the iPad to make it even easier to be online while lounging -- which to work-a-holic professionals means more ways to incorporate more work into our lives.

So I guess this is a confession of sorts, and a call for improvement from myself and any other mom out there who feels they need to do better in this area. I'm going to vow from this post on to put down my phone and laptop every single time I'm with my child for one week and give my precious child the 100% she deserves. I'll check back in and let you know how it goes (I'll include a Note at the end of my next post).

If anyone else wants to discuss this or join me in this challenge, hit me up or comment!

Disclaimer: 98% of the time I rock as a mom, but the 2% I spend trying to mix work and parenting bothers me. Self-improvement here we come!

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Lindsey Benoit said...

I am not a mom, but I really enjoy reading these posts. I feel like I am getting prepared!

Anonymous said...

I too go through this but I don't work from home I am looking for work or putting in orders for something small I do. I am going to try to do this with you. No more computer or tv when he comes over. Its going to be all about him.

Lana Perry said...

Hey ladies!

Lindsey, so much to soak in...I definitely cover mostly stuff I wish I'd known, so glad you're reading!

Anon, nice -- I have partner in change! I have slipped up twice but 90% of the time have been following this little experiment of mine. I'll def report back on Weds. Good luck to you!