Thursday, August 26, 2010

Modern Mamahood: Confession Challenge Results

Me and RJ in the morning the other day;
Disconnected from my phone and connected to our moment

I promise this will be the last post in awhile about my personal motherhood experience, but I wanted to follow up on my recent post. Last week, I confessed that I worked with my 13mo old child around far too much and challenged myself to not work around her for one week. The results are in!

The Results:
I stayed true to my commitment 80% of the time. For the most part, I left the iPhone in another room or in the diaper bag while I spent time with Regina Jade -- out of sight and out of mind! I also started waking up about an hour before she does to read and reply to urgent emails or writing (like I'm doing right now).

Yesterday morning, I did have to transfer photos and video from my phone for a client, which was still pretty minor compared to writing articles and sending emails in her presence.

The good thing is, I missed absolutely nothing by waiting until she was down for her nap to work. I also felt much more present in general, which was my goal.

The Conclusion:
With the exception of deadlines that are in the red zone, or "fires" that need to be put out, working with your child around is a lot like checking emails in real-time; you feel like you are getting ahead, but you're really not.

I've also realized that because I work from home right now and full-time daycare isn't in the budget yet, there are going to be times when balancing work and baby will be very hard. I've concluded that this doesn't make me a bad mother and every family has their challenges they get through together.

Much of what I learned from this experience is to let go of trying to be the "perfect mama" because I'm exactly what she needs just the way I naturally am (minus the iPhone4 screen stuck to my pointer-finger). I think as moms, we always want to do better, which is a good thing, but we also need to feel strong and confident that if our child is thriving and smiles often, we are already doing a great job.

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Sandra said...

Hi Lana - Please don't make this the last post about your personal experience. There is universal in the personal for all of us!
These two posts are pf particular interest to me as I balance my 4 month old son Luca and getting back into working. I've decided to work from home as a consultant and will be having some help 2 days a week to start. This way I can really dig in and go on appts as I need, but be with Luca as well. Already at his young age, he knows when the attention isn't fully on him! Juggling emails and holding the baby is something I've been working on as Luca doesn't take 2 hour naps yet... we're working on 45 minute ones... I'm back in the swing of things after Labor Day and will keep in touch on how it's going for me.
xoxo - Sandra (Mihalenko) Scaiano

Lana Perry said...

Hi Sandra, so happy you can relate! Sounds like you will do great...I also have part-time help essentially and it works out pretty well. The catch is that yes, I could use more time for work, but I also don't want to give up the minimal time I have with my child in place of that. How's everything going now? xo, Lana