Wednesday, May 28, 2008

LDN: "Now Showing" - Exploring the Lost "Art" of the Film Poster

WIWP Presents "Now Showing"

Exploring the Lost "Art" of the Film Poster.

COSH Gallery
Soho, London
Thursday 29th May

40+ Creatives were given the task of creating their own interpretation of a Cult, Classic or Obscure film poster from the past, whether it be a literal or abstract solution. The result is Now Showing, an Art exhibition paying homage to more than 70 years of film, through the form of Prints, One Off Screen Prints and Sculptures.

Artists who's work will be on display include: Mr Ian Wright, Hellovon, Non Format, Corey Holms, Grandpeople Marian Bantjes, Tomer Hanuka, Pure Evil, James Joyce, Michael Gillette and Many More.


For More details (like a list of the posters being reinterpreted and a sneak peek) please visit:



Thanks to the support of: Asahi & Cosh

The Cosh Gallery is located at:

69 Berwick Street