Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Am I NOT Too Fat?!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Update...I'm into my second trimester and yesterday I had my monthly appointment with my midwife. When I go in I take my own glucose level and weight. But for some reason I haven't gained any weight since my last visit and about 2 pounds since I became pregnant.

This worries me. Granted no one recommends eating for two, and I eat at least 3 times a day, but something has to give. Overall most references say a woman with a normal weight (whatever that means) should gain between 25 and 35 pounds during her pregnancy. I maintain a pretty healthy diet with very little red meat, rarely any fish (only salmon and tilapia), lots of fruit and vegetables. My midwife gave me some suggestions such as increasing my carb and protein intake and dappling in a little ice cream more often.

After I left I called my mother. She says "yeah, you don't look like you've gained any weight." Thanks mom. She didn't seem too interested. Her reason: She's overweight and doesn't want me to be. She was no help. One of my best-friends gained a lot of weight so she couldn't relate, but she wished someone had told her to eat more ice cream.

I've decided to follow my midwife's suggestion, sans ice cream, and add a protein shake or two for good measure. Hopefully when I see her in a month I would have gained at least 8 pounds. I don't want to freak out about this but I want a healthy baby with a "normal" weight. So far my pregnancy has given me little trouble. Shoot, my bf even does most of the cooking.

Well actually right now I am hungry so I'll go and get some toast and eggs and a shake (with protein) from the juice bar. Wish me weight!

Lenox Davis Out