Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones' girlfriend I love you

So i have to admit that i super love indiana jones....but even more than that i love marion ravenswood: indy's love interest in the first (and best indiana jones flick), played by Karen Allen.
And, as I'm sure all you nerdy girls know (and for the cooler ones, i will fill you in): marion is back in this most recent installment.
And while it makes sense for the storyline, it was really awesome to not have to sit through indy paired with some young little blond thang: and instead see an almost 60 sexy lady who appears to not have been under a scalpel.
So, hopefully more directors will start to realize the best matches are usually the ones that hold their own: not the ones that if they happened in real life would make you cringe.
AND: added bonus: while hollywood was ummm...kinda ignoring karen allen (she had great turns in "in the bedroom" and "the perfect storm"); girl went back to school (FIT) and started her own sweater knit line and store in Great Barrington, MA. While these sweaters don't exactly fit with my look: I still ()%*(%&$*( love her.

if you are a fan as well, or want to find out how serious (and nerdy) i am about this, you can see my earlier excitement here: http://materialconcern.com/?cat=11

karen's line for you google groups girls: www.karenallen-fiberarts.com