Thursday, October 21, 2010

Modern Mamahood: The BabyBook-umentary

RJ naming body parts during our BabyBook-umentary

Like many other mamas...especially Modern Mamas, I seek out tech-savvy, convenient, yet creative ways to do all kinds of things. Lately, I've been having a hard time making the time to update my child's baby book (which is sad), but by the time I looked at the book we have, I noticed that after the age of 1yrs old, it just jumps to 2yrs old like nothing notable happens between 1 and 2yrs old.

With my daughter being 15.5mo, so much change has occurred recently, I wanted to document it, but didn't feel like writing it down. With such easy access to grabbing video footage these days, I decided we'd do a "BabyBook-umentary" instead (I think this is something I made up). My husband and I had a lot of fun doing this and I'm positive that when our little family looks back at this years or decades later, it will be epic.

Create your own BabyBook-umentary:

Time to complete: 10 minutes
Difficulty level: Super duper easy

Things you'll need:
Slips of paper, a pen or maker, a way to capture video

How to:
1. Cut paper into squares.
2. On each piece of paper, write topics you will talk about such as: bath-time, favorite shows, what he/she does all day, etc.
3. Shuffle the pieces or put them into a "hat".
4. You can choose to do this with or without your child, although with is probably more fun, so grab that cutie of yours.
5. Start recording and tell your future self and your future child what you are going to be doing in this video or maybe prepare something to create a special intro.
6. Pull out each piece of paper one by one and talk about each subject. Whether you want to mention a few things about the topic, or tell a story, or get even more creative is up to you.
7. Conclude
8. If you have the means to do some simple or more extreme editing to make it fancy you could add a title page or funny phrases throughout the Babybook-umentary.

Having fun while recording!

We had a lot of fun doing this. My little tot, RJ spent most of the time watching herself do funny things on the screen as we were recording (we used the Photobooth recording feature on my MacBook Pro laptop). We covered five different topics and it took about six minutes on camera.

For those mamas with the tech-itch, let us know if you end up creating your own BabyBook-umentary!

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grahamatical said...

Lana, your family is beautiful in so many ways! Here's to Black love (well, love in general but you know what I mean). RJ is so cute!

Lana Perry said...

Ah! Thank you so much, Miss Lady, yep I know what you mean! ::dap::