Friday, October 22, 2010

Legend of Zelda

"So many young people are so afraid of becoming old. I would like them to know that from someone who is ninety-four years young, it is fun to be old." - Zelda Kaplan

Born in 1916 Zelda Kaplan is more stylish than you or I. She is also a perfect example of age being just a number and the ferocity of curiosity.

"For the past fifty years, Zelda has collected cloth from remote African villages, turning them into her own designs. However, what is truly astonishing about Zelda is the noble cause that has given her the zeal to dedicate herself to living in mud huts in these isolated areas, without electricity, for months at a time. Her mission was to gently educate indigenous people, by living among them, as to the damaging affects of the 1000-year old tradition of clitorial surgery that is routinely administered to the young women of the indigenous tribes." - Style Like U

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