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Modern Mamahood: Using Cloth Diapers - Real Mama Q&A

I wanted to cloth-diaper my daughter, I really did. The intention was there, the follow through was not. And I'm not even going to bother with my list of excuses. Because cloth-diapering is so awesome on so many different levels, I have invoked one of my besties, Carlene Fort of Los Angeles, CA to give the L-Ladies the 411 in my place. Carlene's son is now almost 7-months old, she works full-time, she's in school, and she researches like no other -- always finds the best deals and methods.

Why did you first want to try cloth diapers?
Well at first, I thought eww how gross and way too time consuming, then did some serious research and saw how much better they are for the baby, environment and my pocket and was hooked instantly!

How did you learn about options and how it all works?
Two words...Intensive Research! and were particularly helpful. l spent probably a full two weeks learning everything about cloth diapers before deciding it was for me then spent another two weeks reviewing all the brands and diapering options. There are countless ways to cloth-diaper that range in price and application.

LLMM: What kind of diapers and equipment do you use?
I had two things in mind when I started my stash. I wanted to have diapers that I did not have to upgrade to larger sizes throughout my baby's diapering lifetime. I also wanted to make sure they were easy to use. I use Softbums, Growbabies and Bum Genius Organic diapers. The Bum Genius are my favorite because they are the easiest to use! I do the dry pail method which means I did not soak my diapers. Most blogs and articles I read came to the conclusion that the wet pail was a waste of time but some mommy's swear by it. Then we do laundry every 2 days.

The process of using cloth, washing, etc seems time consuming, and you are a working mom going to school -- is it?
As far as using the diapers, you just put them on which is simple, and then take them off and toss into the diaper pail or bag. For daycare or sitters, we give a 5-minute tutorial of how to change our son and we haven't heard any complaints. As far as prep -- it's all about "batch processing". I wash the diapers while I do other things. For example, if it is wash day I will put in a load when I start dinner, then by the time dinner is done, I can put them on their second cycles. Then they dry while we eat and then as we watch TV, my husband and I will prep them (put in the inserts for daycare) and put them away.

Do you ever use disposables when traveling or for childcare/sitters?
There are times that we do use disposables if we are rushing or it is wash day and we ran out. But I have only bought 1 pack of disposable diapers since my baby has been born. Most moms use a travel bag when on the go. A travel bag is a waterproof bag that you keep in your diaper bag that is odor and water proof.

It seems expensive, but I know you are so budget-savvy -- is there a cost benefit?
Initially, you do have to plop down a chunk of change on the diapers. It is about $350 to get a great stash of about 12-15 diapers minimum. There's a lot of reselling and buying used going on in the world of cloth-diapers, which is helpful. And since we have a huge extended family, we were given a TON of disposable diapers at our baby showers!

Cloth-Diapering Tip for Newbies: Here is an awesome deal where you can try every kind of CD on the market for 21 days for only $10 through! You try them and see what you like then return them, if you love them you get a discount to keep them.

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