Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jonas Sees In Color

Jonas Sees In Color is an up and coming Alternative Rock band from North Carolina. Many of their tunes are driven by a strong piano melody, courtesy of the Pianist, Meagan Beth Plummer. The piano (and the female pianist) are just one of the many things that make this band stick out. From the very first song on the album, "I Own These Streets," you can hear the piano drive the music and add to the strong melody and lyrics. Check out this song and more at their Myspace.

They are also the most hard working bands I've come across, constantly touring and not letting anything stop them. This band recently suffered a traumatic car accident on the road to a gig when their van flipped over 3 times and landed upside down on the side of the road. Amazingly, all 6 of the band members came out of this alive and they made it to their show in Chicago the next day. They played their most heartfelt show; they were bloody and hurt, but alive.

Their single, Loose Threads, states "stitch me up, stitch me up, I'm ready to talk." After coming out of this accident alive and being stitched up, Meagan Beth is now "ready to talk." I caught up with Meagan Beth recently and this is what she had to say about the accident:

"I had dozed off and I woke up to Ryan [Downing, lead singer] yelling "OH SHIT!". I felt the van starting to swerve and I closed my eyes and thought to myself "This is it. This is happening," preparing myself to die. After the van had flipped the first time I hit the ceiling and blacked out. When I woke up I was at the back door of the van and my head and arm just started going out the window. When I fell asleep I was laying down in the third bench back so I was thrown back a decent amount. The boys thought I had died because once the van and trailer were finally at rest they did a roll call and I didn't respond to the first two times they called my name. I finally woke up and we all had to climb out through a window because we were unable to open any of the doors. The van flipped three times and landed upside down, all of the windows were busted out and the entire front and one of the sides had been crushed. It was crazy to look at the van after it happened because the side that was crushed in I normally lay with my head on that side. So had I been laying down the way I regularly do, my head most likely would have been crushed as well. It's a miracle that we're all alive, but I couldn't be more grateful that I am."

She was also gracious enough to give Ladies Lotto her take on what it's like to be in Jonas Sees In Color:

"I love being in JSIC because I love the relationship that I have with my bandmates. There's nothing like it. We have a strong bond between all of us and I haven't found anything like it with anyone else. I also love being in JSIC because I love the people I get to meet by doing this. I have found some of my closest friends by touring and from touring with other bands."

The band is left without health insurance and needs to replace their totaled van and trailer to keep touring. Please help them out by donating here.

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