Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LLadies Love: Discounts - GuestVessel

GuestVessel was started in May 2010, to provide more safety and flexibility to people’s short term accommodation needs. All properties are verified and all US members agree to a nationwide criminal background check. Members earn tokens by letting pre-screened members stay in their property when they are not there, which they can redeem at any members’ property; not just the member that stays in their property. GuestVessel is offering Ladies Lotto members a private network on their home exchange service. It’s not your usual home exchange either.

To add an extra level of security and comfort for Ladies Lotto members, GuestVessel has set up a private group only Ladies Lotto members can join. And to make this even more appealing, Ladies Lotto members can join for free (12 month subscription)!*

Steps to join

  • Sign Up at www.guestvessel.com for a GOLD membership and YEARLY plan
  • Enter coupon code: 3MONTH3 ($100 discount)
  • Add your property and profile
  • Join Ladies Lotto Group, by entering code: CODE FOR LIST MEMBERS ONLY

You can then search for Ladies Lotto members that fit your next short term accommodation needs. All new members start with 6 free GV tokens, so you can start staying for free right away!

Free, safe and flexible accommodation is now a reality.

*Offer ends August 31, 2010.

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