Monday, June 7, 2010

If Women Owned Their Money Like Their Sexuality

Do the ladies feel as confident with their money as they do their sexuality? Women are quite comfortable with owning our sexuality but how does that translate to our financial lives? Seems like the ladies are a little behind in the latter... Meaning: our attitudes and actions when it comes to money are closer to our grandmother's. GASP.

"According to a 2007 study on gender differences by Tahira Hira of Iowa State University and Cäzilia Loibl of Ohio State University, women are still less likely to be socialized in financial matters, and they are more likely than men to find investment decisions stressful, difficult and time consuming. The study also found that it often takes a life event, like getting married, to prompt women to save and invest, whereas men were more likely to start investing gradually."

- Maddy Dychtwald in her new book on women's economic power, Influence

That is precisely WHY all of you in NYC should be attending our HOMEBODIES event tomorrow night (June 8th in Brooklyn) - because you should be owing your money like you do your sexuality!! There's no empowerment like independence.

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