Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Modern Mamahood: The Video Monitor - Are We Being Efficient or Lazy?

As the mother of a 10 month old baby girl, I've pondered purchasing the video baby monitor over and over and over again. But like many gadgets, I wonder -- is this really necessary? Let's discuss.

The Laziness Factor

It's true, having a video monitor can result in a lot less trips to your child's room when they are fussing or crying in the middle of the night, but really don't need mommy. Despite this convenience, I would feel extremely lazy laying in bed looking at a hand-held screen instead of stumbling through the dark and trying to open the door without making noise to check on my little one.

And it seems like it would be so easy to let her play in her room for a longer time by herself while I do something else because I can "see her". Sadly, the video baby monitor would be replacing human interaction with her own mother while I rely on a webcam type device to be my "eyes".

The Efficiency Factor

I'll admit, I would love to save myself a half dozen unnecessary trips to my daughter's room at night throughout the week. I would be much more efficient working during her naps if I could just glance at the monitor and see whether she's laying down and about to go to sleep, or no where close to sleep, instead of distracting my brain cells trying to analyze the inflection in her cries.

This pairs with the Safety Factor, which is a major issue when dealing with newborns. The vid monitor means mamas can watch their little one's chests moving safely up and down all through the night.

Still, I cannot bring myself to purchase one. Anyone have one and love it?

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