Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Power to the People's Pops

During a trip to this year's SXSW I finally had a chance to try a GoodPop; delectable organic pops made with love in Austin, Texas.
I needed to beat the heat and only a popsicle would do the trick. The first flavor I sampled was Mango Chile. The Mango Chile pop can only be described as sweet but not overtly so with just the right amount of spice. A few days later, after watching Mayer Hawthorne at the French Legation Museum I sauntered over to the little white GoodPop cart and snagged a Hibiscus Mint bar which was a flowery and cool burst -- refuge from the blaring heat.

I wondered where I'd ever be able to find anything as delicious as a GoodPop in NYC. Oh snap -- I wasn't prepared for People's Pops -- Joel, Nathalie and David are the holy trinity of iced treats.
People's Pops are not only tasty; they're made from ingredients that are organic, local and sustainable. They're always switching the hand-made flavors up so you may not get to try the Raspberry & Basil, Roasted Sugar Plum or Spiced Rhubarb every time. Head over to the Chelsea Market (they're there seven days a week!) or any of the two Brooklyn Fleas and let them surprise your palate.

Click here to find out more about these drool worthy pops.

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Susan said...

I had one of there Pineapple Basil pops at SXSW. It was LOVE!!!!