Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Delicious Beauty: The Natural Spa

Last week Ladies Lotto Seattle's Myisha Chambers guided us through the wonderful world of DIY spa products, including using olive oil, clay or aloe vera gel as a base and then adding anti-aging essential oils!

Who knew Lavender, Orange, and Thyme help maintain the collagen and encourage the regeneration of new cells? Oils such as fennel contain hormonal like properties that firm the skin and give a more youthful appearance. Regeneration usually takes around 30 days, so keep at it!

Some Natural Foods and their Beauty Potential:

Honey - stimulates, smoothes and mosturizes the skin
Egg white - Penetrates and moisturizes
Yogurt - Refines and tightens pores

Apple Cider Vinegar - Tightens skin and helps close pores

Banana - Smoothes wrinkles

Avocado - Moisturizes skin
Lemon - Astringent/antiseptic that cleans the skin
Papaya - contains enzymes that eat away dead cells and bacteria (do not use on sensitive skin)

*Add sugar to any of your facial cleansers for a good scrub!

Juniper - Detoxifies and clears waste from the body

Rosemary - Combats fluid retention

Cypress - Has a vasoconstricting effect for vericose veins

Lavender - Great for stretch marks
Grapefruit - Tones skins and tissues

Fennel - Reduces water retention and puffiness

Thanks to Rachael Mamane for offering up SEAC, the warm and cozy loft space and to Mysiha Chambers for her enlighting demo and information! And a special thanks to Kiernan Fly Boike and NYC spa Mario Badescu for the awesome sample bags full of product!

*Photo: Myisha Chambers, Kiernan Fly Boike, Rachael Manane, Kajsa Parding.

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