Thursday, January 15, 2009

Members of the Month - January 2009

Tammy Le | Los Angeles

As the co-founder of LOVEMADE -- with partner and fellow LLLA chapter organizer Linda --Tammy Le (AKA, Tammy Lovemade) is truly a party machine. Throughout the year she and Linda crank out events that make Angelenos get up off their asses and move!

Don't let the cute face and great style fool you, Tammy's a triple threat; responsible for LOVEMADE's marketing, PR and events. What did you expect from a lady who graduated with a BA in business administration and marketing from CSU Fullerton?

Prior to LOVEMADE, Tammy worked for a marketing firm, casted music videos including Janet Jackson's "So Excited" and Outkast's "Don't Chu Worry."

If you ever feel the need to live vicariously through Tammy and her crew, take a gander at the LOVEMADE blog or listen to some tracks from her personal playlist:

Erica Zelaya | Seattle

Erica Zelaya's a bit like Helen of Troy but instead of launching ships, she's launched some of the biggest things to hit the gaming world. Erica's 10+ years of experience in merchandising, communications and events has contributed to Xbox's video game domination. She gives good press; Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360, Gears of War and Ninja Gaiden II have made their way to premier news outlets on Erica's watch.

In addition to launching games, she helps to keep them afloat by managing several video game trade shows including Leipzig, E3, and the Tokyo Game Show.

When she's not busy figuring out ways to distract our men (and women) with action-filled gorefests, she enjoys traveling to locales including Tokyo, London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt and Mexico City; where she enjoys sampling their culture and cuisine. Some of her favorite spots are Il Barrio Latino (Paris), See Sound (Seattle), Koi (LA) and Why Curry (New York).

Erica is known for never passing up a good deal on designer shoes and loves playing with make-up even when she's not modeling or acting. When Erica feels like making a little trouble her partner in crime is usually Ladies Lotto's chapter organizer Sarah Hunt. No matter what Erica's doing, she's got game!

Dove Clark | New York

What do you do when you've got $150 left to your name after a cross-country move in 2004; a solid background in business and nightlife; and mad love for independent hip hop? If you're Dove Clark, you're going to start PR, marketing and multimedia firm Tygereye Entertainment and rep an eclectic array of artists.

Luckily her previous roles as
Alternatives Editor for, and Senior Editor for RIME Magazine helped prepare her for her dream job. In addition to editing she's also written for Elemental Magazine, YRB Magazine, Ozone Magazine and more.

Dove has worked with hip hop artists including the ballin
Jim Jones, Cipha Sounds, The Rock Steady Crew, the DipSkate team, Jeru The Damaja and she of the massive neck, back and crack pains; Khia. Current clients include Amadeus, Jacki-O, Jah Cure, Archie Eversole, Urban Mystic, Jamie Jones, Nu Jerzey Devil, J the S, Illogic, David RUSH, E.S.G. and Sally Anthony.

Tygereye has been an incredibly successful venture thus far, and there's more to come in the future. Dove's going to keep rising to the top cause there 'aint no half stepping for this hip hop head!

Yemisi Odedina | Chicago

Yemisi (pictured at left, with LLCHI chapter organizer Susan Morgan) has been down with Ladies Lotto's Chicago chapter since day one. She frequently serves as Susan's finance fairy godmother at LLCHI events.

After receiving a degree in business administration in finance from HBCU, Howard University, Yemisi landed an account manager position at media planning agency, Starcom Worldwide. Yemisi's major client is insurance giant, Allstate. Through Starcom Worldwide's leveraging of print, television and other media, Allstate was able to reposition itself as a trusted and relevant service.

Throughout the course of her life, Yemisi's realized she's cut out for more than the major listed on her degree. She'd like to continue exploring her interests including financial planning, travel, music, fashion, health awareness and community service.

Holy six degrees of separation! Tammy casted Janet Jackson's "So Excited" video which features Dove's former client Khia.

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