Thursday, December 4, 2008

Art Jump at the MoMA

Before going to the Ladies Lotto benefit on Monday night (and I hope you'll all be there!), stop by the MoMA for a little art, liquor and jumping!

Next Monday (12/8), Allison Reimus, of Jumping in Art Museums, is organizing a giant art jump at the MoMA. Her blog which features pictures of people jumping in front of pieces of art. So why not join in, especially since the MoMA is staying open until 8:45 and all us working people can go.

She's asking people to start jumping en masse at 6:30 in front of the Pipolotti Rist exhibit. The rest of the museum is open, but she figured that Starry Night will already have enough crowding.

Word on the street is there’s also going to be a cash bar and the first 600 people who come for the evening event get a free day pass.
Would love to see a bunch of well dressed, successful women show up on their way to benefit (if you know what I mean).


1 comment:

Scott Dirk said...

Art + Liquor + Jumping = Recipe for disaster.


I'm so there!