Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'd been trying to coordinate a month for Triple 5 Soul founder, Camella Ehlke, to speak since April. I honestly thought it wasn't going to work out. But lo and behold, the stars aligned and viola! This week at Jill Bradshaw's I HEART boutique in Nolita, Camella Ehlke was our guest speaker at Ladies Lotto New York's August meeting! Jill was kind enough to extend an additional discount for the evening too, making this meeting extra special and an incredible way to end the summer.

Camella, ever so approachable and warm, shared her humble beginnings, emphasizing the sheer organics behind any authentic movement. Her main interest in starting 555 was out of her love of making clothes. Particularly clothing that reflected the art and music scene of New York in the 90's. And with friends like Mos Def (still an up and coming rapper) amongst many others, who willingly wore and represented the brand, 555 exploded to an international level. Not being able to fulfill orders (how much hand sewing can a girl do?), Camella gave half of her business to a production specialist eventually creating a drift from the authenticity and her original vision. If you came to the meeting, you got the dirt.

Back in the 90's, no one ever heard of street wear. There wasn't even a term for it! Helping to create a genre of ready wear is just one of Camella's accomplishments. The soon to be mother of two also is the owner of Breathe Inn, a unique bed and breakfast and in her own words, "sort of like going to stay at your baller friend's country home." If you book, drop Ladies Lotto's name. I'm heading there next week and will give you a full report.

See you at next month's meeting!

Photos By Gina Gold below. Can't see them? Click Here.