Thursday, August 21, 2008

Want the buzz without the coffee?

350 million cups of coffee are sold EACH day in the U.S. alone. Thank you, Starbucks! Super-caffeinated and cracky addictive, coffee can lead you down the bad path if you’re not careful. And tea, although pleasant enough with crumpets, seems to be lacking that je ne sais quoi in the jump-start department.

Enter O.N.E. Coffee Berry. Basically a recyclable juice box containing the caffeinated equivalent of a cup of green tea, O.N.E.C.B. delivers the goods without the jitters in a thirst-quenching beverage with a weirdly delicious fruity-coffee flavored taste. And it lets you take your caffeine on the go—without having to hit up the Coffee Bean drive through.

But besides the obvious benefits, here’s the cool part about Coffee Berry. It’s derived from the antioxidant-rich, red fruit that surrounds the coffee bean. Generations of people ate it before they learned to roast the bean and forgot about the fruit. For years, farmers have been throwing it away when they harvest the beans because there wasn’t a market for the stuff. But slowly companies like the folks at O.N.E. are taking a second look and farmers are beginning to waste not, want not.

We don’t know how it works on our free radicals, but we definitely feel a bit peppier with a pak in our purse. And jitter-free!