Monday, June 2, 2008

Blue Marble Ice Cream

One look in the window of Blue Marble Ice Cream and I had to get a scoop just so I could check out the yummy interior design. Shop co-owner (and stage actress), Jennie Dundas, rescued materials from the dismantled set of one of her plays and refashioned the pine boards, which were going to be tossed out, into cantilevered table tops, planked walls and a fabulous suspended ceiling installation.

Jennie, and her partner Alexis, were uber-enviro-concious when designing the shop. Beyond the recycled materials, they used eco-friendly paints, carpets and tiles. They even run their electricity from hydro and wind power.

BEST PART: Blue Marble serves all organic ice cream from local dairy farmers (and fair-trade coffee to boot!).

Blue Marble Ice Cream – 420 Atlantic Avenue