Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A South Bronx Story

Album You Must Not Live Without #2: ESG - A South Bronx Story

ESG, formed by the Scroggins sisters three, is an art-funk band from, you guessed it, the south south bronx y'all. This band came out of nowhere in 1978 (i.e., they weren't involved in a scene, just girls in a garage) and became influential to so many genres of music including hip hop, electro, post-punk, dance punk and disco. In 1981 Matt Hannett (of Joy Division fame) produced three tracks on their self-titled album. You've probably heard a number of their songs since Wu-Tang, J Dilla, Big Daddy Kane, TLC and The Beastie Boys (to name a few) have all sampled ESG.

Listen to ESG here.

Here's an experimental video with ESG's MOODY as its soundtrack.