Wednesday, April 2, 2008

YSL Multicolor Plexi Stars

In anticipation of YSL's new manifesto being distributed in select locations throughout the last and upcoming weeks across the globe (we're hoping LL's Tara St. James gets her hands on one while in Hong Kong this month), below is a hot little accessory for your viewing pleasure.

The plexi stars come in another style of necklace as well as earrings. Gladly taking gifts of this nature anytime.

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Kizzy-Kay said...

You can check out the necklace in action on page 174 of Marie Claire's April '08 issue. The outfit the model is wearing lends itself to the playfulness of the piece. It's like you went through your mom's wardrobe to get a jacket and clutch for your play date and found this delicious "kid friendly" accessory.