Tuesday, April 1, 2008

LL Members of the Month –April 2008

Monthly, Ladies Lotto will be keeping an eye out for our extraordinary contributing members who deserve to be recognized! For April, we have: Lindsey Benoit, Sara Jayne Crow, and Lizz Wasserman!

Lindsey Benoit, New York

Chapter: LLNY


Lindsey Benoit is currently a Publicist for the Condé Nast Media Group, Benoit works on events such as Fashion Rocks, Movies Rock, and press for other major advertorial campaigns within the company.

In addition to her role at Conde Nast, Benoit also works on independent projects as the publicist for the 48 Hour Film Project—the national film competition; various musicians, authors and non-profits—as well as planning large and small scale events within the tri-state area.

Prior to her employment at Condé Nast, Benoit held a position in the Publicity Department at Random House in the Ballantine Books division where she worked in various genres such as fashion, chic-lit, non-fiction, literary fiction, suspense, sports, and photography books with authors such as: Jonathan Kellerman, Kathryn Finney, Sandra Scoppettone, Charlie Huston, Steve Berry, Sue Miller, Mariah Stewart, Joanne Gordon, and many more.

In 2006, Benoit created Rock for Lymphoma—a large-scale, charity event featuring 4 bands at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA—an event which led her to continue to create non-profit events for various charities within New York City.

Benoit is a Magna Cum Laude graduate with a double major in Corporate Communications and Psychology from Manhattan College in New York. She currently resides at her apartment in Soho.

Wow! Isn’t Lindsey so amazing?! Thanks, Lindsey for being a part of Ladies Lotto!! =)

Sara Jayne Crow, Seattle

Chapter: LL Seattle


Sara Jayne Crow has worked in the music industry as a music writer, editor, communications director and promoter. She co-founded and edited Dubious Magazine, served as Music Editor for Minty Magazine and Blacklist Magazine, and was both Communications Director and Publicity Director for Seattle’s Decibel Festival. She now freelance writes for clients like Neverstop, Viva Recordings, Crossfader.com, Red Bull Music Academy, Visa and Boost Mobile. She has published articles on Greyboy, Ohmega Watts, Monolake, Jamie Lidell, Stewart Walker, Shawn Wolfe, JT Donaldson, DJ Heather, Dayhota, Lady D and Colette. She also is “Captain” of Nautical but Nice (http://www.nauticalbutnice.tv), a nautical and aeronautical pin-up website formed with the mission of presenting real women with real bodies in a non-objectifying way, all while cataloging historical aeronautical and nautical vessels. An avid traveler, she has long held a fascination for new innovations diminishing distance in both the third dimension and cyberspace. She hopes to someday start a research foundation for hydrogen-powered, sustainable sailboats while supporting the advancement of female pilots and sailors.

Learn more about Sara here: http://straypoodle.wordpress.com/

Thanks Sara for being such a huge contributor to Ladies Lotto!! =)

Lizz Wasserman
, Los Angeles

Chapter: LL LA


Lizz Wasserman, designer of Popomomo, an eco friendly line of sustainable and sophisticated pieces, took a circuitous route towards design. Lizz got a degree in sociology at UW-Madison, dropped out for a year to teach English in the Czech Republic (where she met her honey seven years ago this week:), became a fulbright finalist, and admitted to herself and her family that she was heads over vintage heels for fashion, not academia. She lucked into a design job with Urban Outfitters, and later designed knits for Free People for four years. Moving to NY she designed for American Rag, and has recently relocated to LA. She has done silhouettes and artwork for t-shirt companies, bands and branding for several companies as well.

Popomomo started as a creative release from her mainstream design jobs and has become a well received line of architecturally draped organic and sustainable pieces made positively in downtown LA. In 2008, Popomomo was nominated for the Gen Art New Garde LA award, and is now rep'ed by fellow Ladies Lotto member Sarah Cirkiel at Pitch Control PR. Popomomo is currently carried in stores across the country, and is growing each season in creativity and numbers. Currently, she is gearing up for a trunk show in New York on the 19th and for designing the next season.

Lizz contributes to the Ladies Lotto blog under the name Clothesminded, and does the blog www.materialconcern.com with a friend, and occasionally makes big messes attempting to dye fabric with vegetable dye in her yard in Silver Lake.

Check out Lizz here:


Thanks Lizz for all that you do for Ladies Lotto! You are one super talented woman!!

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