Saturday, December 1, 2007

MEMBERS OF THE MONTH - December 2007

Nana Sananikone, Montreal Quebec
Chapter: LLMTL

Nana is the brains, beauty and creative whirlwind behind Industry and Miel Clothing. She is a mother of 2 children (um, RESPECT) and has a serious weakness for footwear. She is full of input, insights and laughter at the Ladies Lotto meetings. She’s also a great recruiter bringing new and lovely inspiring ladies on board. A real motivator and enthusiast, bringing freebies for all the ladies. Amazingly enough, she has attended nearly all of the Ladies Lotto meetings in between her hectic travel schedules. Her time is limited but the time she devotes to us is precious and her advice, always honest!!

Special thanks to Miriam Blier for nominating Nana. And THANK YOU to Nana for gracing Ladies Lotto with her presence and involvement!

Vanessa Escamilla
, Brooklyn, NY
Chapter: LLNY

Presently holding it down as an Event Manager with Mirrorball in NYC. Vanessa has been working in the Event/Marketing industry for 3+ years. Current and past clients include Organic Valley, Red Bull, Tiger Beer, Dos Equis, Amstel Light, and DC Shoes. She is also known to freelance as an event photographer, model for the likes of Ed Hardy and from time to time hold down the door for special events (Nylon, Stuff Magazine). In her free time, you can find her networking and entertaining friends and clients around town, catching a good show, or traveling.

Vanessa is a regular contributor to the LL group list and we appreciate the altruistic spirit in which she lives life. Thanks for being apart of Ladies Lotto Vanessa!

Linda Nguyen, Los Angeles, CA
Chapter: LLLA

One can say a lot of things about Ms. Nguyen. She's the Ladies Lotto Los Angeles Director with a diplomatic edge and overwhelming appeal. She's one of the most culturally influential Ladies Lotto members to date.

Chances are you've been effected by Linda's vision as she works with pret a port brands such as OBEY, Burton as well as her own company LOVEMADE (check them out -
Linda's involved with 80's Purple in LA as well as any cool event you've attended in LA recently. Currently Linda is pretty much the brains behind a new women's line at Burton traveling to far away places such as Hong Kong, Tokyo and Vermont.

There's a lot more she's accomplished as well as more in store. Thanks for literally spearheading the LLLA chapter. How you can handle it all still remains a mystery!

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