Thursday, November 8, 2007

Brendan Mullen, EchoPlex & Swindle Mag Present's....

About the book

The book includes previously unpublished photos, posters and flyers for bands that got their start there. X, Go Go’s, Dickies, Bags, Eyes, Black Randy & the Metro Squad, Plugz, Skulls, Controllers and the Deadbeats leap out of every page, many of them in full color. Also included are pre-Masque bands that played there to ever-expanding audiences, namely the Alleycats, Zeros, Dils, Screamers, Germs, Weirdos, Avengers, Mau Mau’s, and many more pioneers of early West Coast punk/hardcore.

Photography by Alain Saint-Alix, Jill Ash, Jules Bates, Michelle Bell, Gabi Berlin, Eric Blum, Jim Carberry, Kerry Colonna, Chris D., Al Flipside, Frank Gargani, Dave Goldberg, Bonnie Gordon, Diane Grove, Bibbe Hansen, Jenny Lens, Scott Lindgren, Ladd McPartland, Tony Montesion, Melanie Nissen, Donna Santisi, Jules Shobert, Robert Steinberg, Ann Summa, Carol Torres, Jimmy Towns, Jill Von Hoffman, Philomena Winstanley, Dawn Wirth, Herb Wrede and Michael Yampolsky.

Poster and flyer design by David Allen, Judith Bell, Bob Biggs, David Brown, Exene Cervenka, Chris D., Margaret Guzman, Larry “Dammit” Hammett, Havoc, Lux Interior, Tony Kinman, Paul Lesperance, Brendan Mullen, Paul Picasso, Tom Recchion and Cliff Roman.

Foreword by curator and historian Kristine McKenna.
Introduction by Brendan Mullen.
Amazon link to Live at the Masque: Nightmare in Punk Alley

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