Friday, January 21, 2011

Skins is not child pornography, period.

Parent's Group should be outraged by MTV's Teen Mom not Skins.
Actual 14yr olds with children, no education, no jobs and no future are more concerning to me than a fictional drama. No?

US Skins is tame & the BBC version is 100x better.

I wrote about it here on Red-Magic: BBC Skins

FOX News : Parents Group Petitions Congress, Attorney General to Investigate MTV for Child Pornography in 'Skins' Series

Is MTV a purveyor of kiddie porn? The Parents Television Council wants to find out.

The media watchdog group called on lawmakers and law enforcement officials Thursday to open an investigation regarding possible child pornography and exploitation on the cable network's new series “Skins.”

“Putting aside whether it is socially acceptable, I certainly believe that MTV is unnecessarily tempting fate,” Ian Friedman, an attorney specializing in computer-based sex offenses, told FOX411.

“It is not clear as to whether MTV is in violation of federal or state child pornography laws, but that does not mean that they won’t end up defending themselves somewhere in the United States," Friedman said, noting that attitudes toward nudity and sexuality are far more lax in the show's native England.

According to The New York Times, a series of panicked meetings took place at MTV headquarters in New York on Tuesday, where one executive allegedly even discussed the possibility of criminal charges and jail time. Reportedly, nervous execs forced producers to edit out some of the more explicit content from future episodes.

Read the whole article here: FOX News & New York Times


chandraisgreat said...

damn can't these parents go after people who are making actual kiddie porn and stop with all the frivolous shit again mtv?

Anonymous said...

havnt see it yet but im interested now
and will write about it on my blog.