Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mom, Inc.: Get Organized!

Working moms; we think we're organized but most of us aren't. Do you have a place for everything in your house? What about the nagging tasks that float around in your head on your way to work. . .have a place for those? It doesn't stop. As a mom, you are constantly juggling and in order for you to be successful your juggling must stop. Now. Organization doesn't have to mean a $1500 charge at Hold Everything™. In fact, most of the things moms need to organize aren't necessarily tactile, which makes it even harder. It's the more complex task of sorting out errands, assignments due, work responsibilities and family obligations. You could really make big changes by doing one thing; yep, one thing. Write out "DO IT NOW" on a big piece of paper at work and place it somewhere you are always looking.

If you are a techy-gadget-loving mom like me, your iPad or iPhone pretty much rule the roost, and they also act as great distraction toys for your kid(s). I have tried many apps - such as "Intuition" which is built for moms. It got a thumbs down. I stick to the iCal and a program called Remember The Milk™. Even though I don't drink milk (we are vegan up in here) this program is really essential for working moms. Whether it's synching with your Outlook, Twitter, Gmail, Blackberry, Google or've got yourself beat with the best organizational tool on-the-run. Just start managing your tasks by signing up. It's totally free, efficiently wonderful and you can even sign in with your Google account.

Why is organization so important? Well, if you're this effective when you're head is clouded imagine how great your work and your family life will be once you've got a handle on everything. To be in control is to not be controlled; we all know that mommying is a full-time, doesn't-stop-for-anything role we assume with a smile on our face. However, much of our own life is uncontrollable: our kid(s) can get sick at any point, we can miss a night's sleep or a family vacation may go awry. In all of these situations it's most important to step back and really evaluate what it is you can control. Your newly found organizational skills is just one of your most effective and valued tools.

So what now? You're on the right path. Start by signing up for RTM. You will feel a weight lifted right off your chest as soon as you start typing in and managing your tasks. Next time we will talk about how you can relax without losing a moment of productivity or a moment with your child. Promise.

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