Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artist Michael Porten's "Homesick" at P.J.S. Exhibitions, NYC

Michael Porten is a young, contemporary artist who creates pseudo pop art. He’s an honorary member of the American Society of Portrait Artists whose work has been featured on the cover of New America Paintings. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a MFA in Painting and has received numerous accolades including “Best of Show” at the SCAD Arts Festival.

Homesick investigates the overlapping and synchronizing parts of seemingly disparate experiences and contexts, such as religion, addiction, home, family, painting, theory, science, music, language, computers, and rainbows through what he describes as “amalgamated self-portrait” using oil-on-canvas paintings and sculptures.The works produced for Homesick were inspired by Camus’ thoughts on philosophical suicide, the dichotomy of human desire for understanding, purpose, and knowledge, and the desire to digress, self-destruct, and rest.

Homesick runs now at P.J.S. Exhibitions (238 W. 14th, New York, NY) through February 27th. 

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