Wednesday, December 8, 2010

TONIGHT: Slideluck Potshow NYC Fundraiser

Martyr #7 by Javier Pinon

Visible City (Obstruction III) by Marissa Baumgartner

Along Route 6 by Wilmot Kidd

The NYC launch of SLIDELUCK is tonight, the event will serve as a fundraiser for Slideluck Potshow and its Slideluck Youth Initiative. Don't confuse Slideluck with Slideluck Potshow. Unlike the events past, Slideluck will be a collaboration with a chef, restaurant, supper club or farm. A carefully curated selection of 20 artists will be showcased instead of they typical 40 to create a more intimate and less hurried feel. Take your time to explore the work of the artist featured below. It's taken just about 10 years for this project to come to fruition so you don't want to miss this. Pioneering photographer Patrick McMullan, DJ Spooky (Paul D. Miller) and all the beautiful, arty people will be there.

TONIGHT, December 8, 2010

NYC Slideluck Launch Party & Fundraiser
6:00-10:30 PM

Sandbox Studio
250 Hudson Street, 11th Floor

6:30pm Cocktail Reception with Hosts/Artists + Dinner + Slideshow +...
7:30pm Dinner + Slideshow + Auctions: $125
8:30pm (New) Reduced-Fare Ticket + Afterparty $75
Unavailable on this date, but would like to make a contribution regardless? Please click here.

* The Cocktail Reception will be limited to 50 guests.
* The dinner will be limited to 200 guests.

Artists Participating in Auction:
Gema Alava / Marisa Baumgartner / Yasmina Belkacem / Julie Blackmon / Chris Buck / Elinor Carucci / Jamie Chung / Bruce Checefsky / Zoe Crosher / Amber De Vos / Kyle DeWoody /Joey Frank / Andy Freeberg / John Gordon Gauld / Robert Herman / Andrew Hetherington / Casey Kelbaugh / Charlotte Kidd / Wilmot Kidd / Jessica M. Kaufman / Vincent Laforet / Stephen Mallon / Alyssa Monks / Amy Morken / Rosalie Stone Morris / Ruben Natal-San Miguel / Natalie Obermaier / Coke O'Neal / Javier Piñon / Lisa M. Robinson / Jonah Samson / Jennifer Shaw / Suzannah Sinclair / Sarah Small / Mickey Smith / Cameron Sterling / Brandon Thibodeaux / Phillip Toledano / Spencer Tunick / Martin Usborne / Jan Van Holleben / Sophia Wallace / Jamie Ziobro

Click here for Auction Preview

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