Friday, November 19, 2010

Modern Mamahood: The Book That Saved My Pregnancy

Jennifer Louden has authored several books for women. In all of these books, she uses creative, self-evaluating exercises and assignments to reveal how we can master common challenges that are a natural part of womanhood.

When I was pregnant, I picked up Louden's "The Pregnant Woman's Comfort Book: Self Nurturing Guide to Emotional Well-Being During Pregnancy and Early Motherhood". I looked through the book when it arrived in the mail and thought it seemed pretty cool, something different.

It wasn't until I was in the thick of pregnancy, when my hormones went wilder than Lohan, that I was able to put this book to use. I loved that it has a 2-page spread matrix in the middle of the book. You read down the list of emotions on the chart, find what you are experiencing at the moment, and then look at the various chapters of the book that deal with sorting through those feelings.

Chapters that helped me most are How to Gracefully Ask For and Accept Support, Ambivalence: Grieving Changes, Fear and of course...Work. Each chapter was brief but included enough anecdotal and factual information to allow the pregnant reader to feel connected with and that help was on its way. The next few pages of each chapter are filled creative activities such as free writes, drawing, meditations, affirmations and action items.

One chapter in particular saved my pregnancy. It's entitled simply: Surrender. I was having a really hard time confronting the fact that I had zero control over many of the things that could happen during pregnancy and childbirth to myself and to my child. From small things like body changes to big things like stillbirth, I was a mess when it came to surrendering control of my destiny in this situation.

Me at 37 Weeks...woah.

Louden's solution was for me to learn to sink into submission and explore what it meant to me and the larger meaning of why I was called to surrender right now. After an awesome free write, an assignment that had me draw/paint/color five different representations of what surrendering meant to me, and a heavy affirmation, I came out on the other side with a deeper connection to why I must surrender to nature and how to feel okay about it. Can't thank this woman enough for allowing me to actually enjoy that beautiful place of surrender aka my pregnancy.

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