Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bushmills USA "Since Way Back" Party at Bunker

The promise of free liquor is always a major reason to come out and when we were invited to Bushmills USA’s “Since Way Back” party at Bunker, we definitely knew we’d be in attendance. The “Since Way Back” event series is a way for Bushmills to connect with their NYC friends. Bushmills is all about friendship. “It’s an open and friendly kind of whiskey. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Some whiskeys have too many rules and regulations,” Master Distiller, Colum Egan mentions of Bushmills’ distinctiveness.

As an homage to the very friendship that Bushmills represents, they’re teaming up with five groups of successful New York City artists and entrepreneurs and their friends for the “Since Way Back” party series. These cultural influencers are  Chromeo, photographer Kai Regan, DJ A-Trak, Nick Catchdubs, and Dust La Rock of Fool's Gold, Jonathan Galkin and Justin Miller of DFA Records, and Chris Isenberg, founder of No Mas.

At the most recent “Since Way Back” event at Bunker in NYC, Justin Miller of DFA and also part of the “Since Way Back” campaign and Morgan Collett (of Saturdays NYC) DJ’ed and kept the crowd swaying--or maybe that was the free Bushmills?! There was also a photo booth setup, complete with fun props to take snazzy keepsakes. I managed to snag a photo with Colum! The best part of the evening--other than the mini burgers and cake was getting to see S. Carey of Bon Iver perform!

 Bushmills Irish Whiskey is an iconic brand. It’s one of the oldest names in whiskey and liquor in general. Dating all the way back to 1608 and hundreds of years of perfected their taste, Bushmills is like no other.

“Bushmills is famous for a chocolatey flavor. Believe it or not, but if you take a little bit of chocolate, put it in your mouth and drink some Bushmills, you’ll love it!” Colum explained. This is the man behind the brand. His job is to make sure that all things run smoothly and that the taste is up to par. Bushmills is an age-old brand, but definitely keeps its proverbial finger on the pulse of everything modern and now. “The world is changing so quickly now and Bushmills is more of a constant; I have to make sure the whiskey we’re making is the same today that it was 50 years ago,” Colum enlightens us.

Being that this is Ladies Lotto and we’re talking whiskey (a masculine drink), no worries ladies, Colum says that Bushmills transcends sex. “If you want to try whiskey, there’s no better whiskey to get into than Bushmills. There’s nothing smoother,” Colum explains. “Bushmills breaks down a lot of barriers that people have in their minds. In general, whiskey has a misconception that it’s very harsh and Bushmills is different. When you taste it, it’s smooth and very approachable. It’s friendly. Anyone that tries it is amazed.”

Want more? Visit http://www.facebook.com/BushmillsUSA for more information.

See more photos of the event by Diana Levine here!

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