Thursday, October 7, 2010

LitWorld Global Literacy Organization Empowers Girls All Over the World.

At this very moment, the world is being lit with hope. From different parts of the globe, young women are waking up stronger, brighter, and more empowered each day. Thanks to global literacy organization LitWorld, women and children all over the globe are being given a chance to discover their power within. By nurturing and fostering literacy development among women and children living in challenging environments, LitWorld helps bring newfound strength, confidence, and esteem by sparking the power of reading, writing, and telling their stories.

While literacy is a human right, did you know that two thirds of all the world’s illiterate are women? Yet, women who are literate and have more education prove to be much more likely to have better personal health and nutrition. Moreover, the families of women with education tend to have better housing, clothing, income, water, and sanitation, and get pregnant much later in their lives. Literacy transforms the lives of women, and LitWorld has begun an international movement to empower young women through reading and writing by starting Girls Clubs. Led by LitWorld's special projects coordinator, Jen Estrada, who develops the curriculum and organizes the chapters, there are now Girls Clubs in New York City, Liberia, Ghana, Kenya, and many more. This year, the Girls Club in Harlem Polo Grounds facilitated by Ladies Lotto Member Ruby Veridiano will be meeting Ariana Huffington of the famed Huffington post, as they've won a spot on her upcoming book tour! For the rest of their amazing work, check out the LitWorld Girls Club blog here!

This October, LitWorld is determined to accomplish a great feat. They are filling an empty plane with school supplies to send off to students in Iraq, but they need our help! Please help fill the plane by donating a few dollars to the cause. Every little bit counts, including reposting this information on your facebook/twitter/blog. Please follow LitWorld on Twitter: @litworldsays


$5 buys 50 ballpoint pens

$10 buys 6 brand new notebooks

$20 buys 288 pencils

You can find donation information through this link here
. You can also bring your donations in person to LitWorld’s benefit concert in New York on October 16th!

With your donations, October can be the month where we can see that change is truly in the air. Thank you so much in advance for supporting the cause.

Here's to powerful women with stories of love and light!

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