Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Modern Mamahood: Not Your Mom's Vision Board

My Mamahood Vision Board

I have a feeling that Ladies Lotto members are no strangers to "Law of Attraction" theory and the wildly popular "vision board" technique to manifest amazing people, experiences and things into our lives.

I've done a few vision boards in my life and they do indeed serve to not only focus my attention on goals, hopes and dreams, but I've also managed to manifest at least 75% of every board I've created.

Question -- have you ever thought of creating a vision board as motivation for being a more awesome mom?

I hadn't either. But right when I started my four weeks off of work before my due-date (had an over-the-top stressful 9-5 and just needed to stop), I decided to hit up a life coach who luckily had a small baby herself and fully understood where I was at in life at that moment.

I had more concerns than I thought which came out when I was talking to my coach. For example, was I going to be able to be present for my child and much more selfless than I was? I felt like I was so stressed and so busy with work that I practically missed the excitement and anticipation of my pregnancy and hadn't really connected with the fact that I was going to have a baby soon, despite practicing self-hypnosis for childbirth every single day for 30min.

My coach said my apprehensions were completely normal and suggested I create a vision board based around what kind of mother I want to be and what parenthood means to me. So I created a new board and included some great calming images, lots of elements from nature and phrases like "I am Powerful" and "My happiness is tied to how I feel about myself. I want my girls to see a mother who takes care of herself -Michelle Obama".

I looked at it every day in those next four weeks (which turned into five weeks ugh!), and it's always been in the main room I hang out in with my babygirl. Now days we look at the pictures together, which is always a sweet moment. I'm relieved to know that I've become the mother I'd envisioned -- cool, calm, (usually) focused and always present to her needs.

I highly recommend this exercise, and it's probably something I'll revisit again soon since vision boards work best when new ones are created every several months or so. Please share if you've had vision board success or you're intrigued by the idea of a specific mamahood vision board.

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For anyone that wants to keep a board online I'd suggest It's in beta but request an invite they turn up in a
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