Thursday, September 16, 2010

Katayone Adeli please come back!!

I was reading a pant story today in Elle and they mentioned designer Katayone Adeli who blew up in the early 00's with no ads, press or runway shows. (Just a name check from Gwenyth Paltrow and a cult following and she was good to go.) I got put on to her in school and quickly went for broke buying her stuff. I ripped my favorite pair of purple thin whale corduroys on my BMX going crosstown NYC to class but later salvaged them into daisy dukes :-) I've managed to be more careful with my other pairs --- to this day no one has made a more perfect pair of pants --- and she kinda disappeared. In 2008 she started KA7 with Seven Jeans and made some good pieces with them --- but then they kinda disappeared too. Hopefully she resurfaces...we need her!

In my favorite Katayone Blazer, NYC (photo by Mel D Cole)

So long ago in 2003.

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