Friday, July 23, 2010

Sydney Wayser

Sydney Wayser embodies charm and folk in her debut LP The Colorful. Raised in LA but spending her summers growing up in France, she has an array of influences that range from John Lennon to the cooking channel. Her music remains playful with the use of toy instruments while still sounding very sophisticated. The third song on the album, Banjo Bayou, is backed with a catchy banjo and piano riff that captures listeners. Track eight on the album, Moonbowl, showcases a very different type of sound when she repeats the phrase "Play your part" over bass and the very contrasting sound of the xylophone. This contrast brings a different sound to the album that you don't hear in most music.

I was lucky enough to catch one of Sydney's live shows last month at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. In concert, her full band consists of a guitarist, upright bassist, and a drummer that couldn't fit on the tiny stage in the packed room. The live show definitely gave off the vibe that she has some European influence, from her big floppy hat to her laid back demeanor. It is obvious that Sydney's talent is destined for larger spaces and she will only be moving forward with her career. You can check out Sydney's music on Myspace and catch Sydney at Glasslands in Brooklyn on July 29th or back at Rockwood Music Hall on August 11th in Manhattan.

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