Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Creators Project: LONDON

This past Saturday in London was Vice Mag and Intel's travelling exhibit The Creators Project. The Creators Project was opened to the public during the day at Victoria House, and at night the place turned into an exclusive soiree de la nuit for London's scenesters and creative fledglings. Installations such as Radical Friend's The Digital Flesh, United Visual Artists' Triptych and Hereafter, and Karl Sader's Forest (aka Corridor) were some of my favorite works of the whole event. I actually got a chance to participate with the The Digital Flesh piece by allowing my face to be scanned into the huge database of other scanned faces the installation will be collecting throughout the CP tour. In September, the Digital Flesh Temple will debut at a ceremony in Beijing to "summon the Holographic Birth of the evolved organism," according to The Creators Project guide.  COOL RIGHT ?!

There were also some photos on display from Yeah Yeah Yeah's guitarist Nick Zinner and a screening of Spike Jonze's film I'm Here. One of my highlights was getting to meet London-based Fashion Designer Cassette Playa, but sadly I missed her presentation which was titled AW1011 Neuromance Augmented Reality Presentation. Below are some photos of Mos Architects' Rainbow Vomit, which allows users to create shapes or "heaps" in 3-D with custom projection mapping, and Mark Essen's video games that were placed throughout the venue and totally brought me back to my Nintendo-playing days.

Later in the evening, the Victoria House seemed to turn into party central. The performances to note  during the party were DJ sets by Peaches (mind you she did it while having a broken leg in a cast!), Mumdance, Filthy Dukes, and live sets by London's lo-fi quartet YUCK, Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, and Bloc Party Frontman gone solo - Kele (love his new single btw!)

All in all it was a pretty interesting experience. It's nice to know that there are people who are figuring out ways to experience art and technology beyond the limits of a laptop computer. Big props to all of those who are marching to the sound of their own digital beat!
Felix's Machines, Felix Thorn  
 The Creators Project will be hitting up Sao Paulo on 8/14, Seoul on 8/28, and a big finale in Beijing from 9/17-9/19. Go to them if you can!

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