Monday, July 5, 2010

LLadies Love: Discounts - Breathe Inn

What does a LLady love more than shopping? Getting great discounts of course! This means we have more cash freed up for that well earned vacation or to stow away for a rainy day. Ladies Lotto members already get great discounts at places like Valley and Tres Belle Petite Medispa. Now, we've got a few new discounts lined up for the summer.

Breathe Inn
Streetwear pioneer and Triple Five Soul founder, Camella Ehlke and her partner Marlon Aitcheson bring peace, solace and great food to visitors at this idyllic getaway in Upstate New York. Along with amazing views; there is a heated outdoor pool, wood burning fire-place, a local spa and super comfy 800 denier Egyptian cotton sheets.

Mention Ladies Lotto when booking your stay and breathe easy.

Come back tomorrow for another discount.

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