Thursday, July 8, 2010

Light and Free Summer

The past few days we have been living in nothing but a complete heat wave. You don’t want to put on any make up because all it will do is melt down the side of your face. The only place that are safe is, school, work, and your home. We can’t say the train because the stations are nothing but a sauna. So how are you supposed to get dressed for weather like this when you still have to look presentable at work?

Light & Free SummerFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Lights, whites and brights, unless you dare to go bare. The smart thing to do when we go through these times of non stop heat and sun is to wear first and foremost light clothing. Meaning cotton and linen are your best friends. You should wear something that won’t stick to your body and cause a big sweat stain. Nothing worse than meeting a new client with pit sweat. Also keep in mind to come casual enough to work, but flexible to enjoy the sun after. Leaving a cardigan or a blazer at work is always a plus.

Bright colors always help not only put you in a more cheerful mood, but it also helps go against the sun. If you decide to wear black it attracts the sunlight and will only make you hotter. As for articles of clothing that should be worn, shorts and rompers are a must. You can wear shorts, but nothing that are inappropriate for work. Something loose fit and that falls just above the knees, mid thigh works. When it’s too tight, it comes across as the wrong idea. These shorts should be partnered up with a nice button down shirt or loose shirt. As for the rompers, which are usually seen strapless or with spaghetti strings, these are the items that you save the blazer and/or cardigan for. Never forget the skirts and dresses. These pieces are easy to transform from day to night. Using the same blazer or cardigan saved in the office to give it the 9 to 5 look. However once off, you are ready for a few drinks with the girls or a date out on the town.

Stay safe and hydrated ladies!

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