Monday, June 28, 2010

Il Cielo: Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferriera is a singer-songwriter in the vein of Marina & the Diamonds and La Roux and Ladie's Lotto has the scoop on this young artist for you. Her style might make you think that she is far beyond her 17 years when she wears vintage dresses from all over the world (check out her fashion feature in Elle Magazine). However, her electro fused pop songs are pure youth that would have the teenagers heading for the dance floor. Her single 17, available now on Itunes from E.M.I., could easily fit in with the current pop music world (although I don't think her sound is quite as developed as that of the on-the-rise Marina & the Diamonds). If you listen to the lyrics of this tune, she definitely does not let you forget her age. Besides the title, the lyrics discuss her age as a "dirty little secret" when she's drinking with her friends "at the nightclub." Sky's lyrical focus on her age could make people focus on this subject more than her music. What are your thoughts: does it pigeon-hole the burgeoning pop star as a teen singer or can she grow into a successful 20 something pop act?

Her voice and electro style also bring a new sound to a very edgy cover of "Happiness is a Warm Gun" by the Beatles. You can check out this cover on her Myspace- it is listed under the name "Happy Dre" and is produced by Daniel Luttrell. I really like what she did with this song; her young feminine voice brings a new sound to this classic song. The beats on the song make me sad that I can't dance even a little in my non-air conditioned apartment without breaking a serious sweat.

For now, I will keep her single 17 in my pregame playlist; at least while I can still understand the fear of getting caught with a fake id. I can definitely dance to this beat but, as her song says, "I wonder how long she can last before she falls." I look forward to seeing her mature and see what comes from Sky Ferreira. I for one will be happy to buy her debut record if she develops into Marina's style of respectable, confident, and sexy womanhood as opposed to Ke$ha's party animal, drink till you drop, hot mess style pop act.


Anonymous said...

i really love this video

good article

Anonymous said...

i love sky i think as she gets older she will get better and better......>>>>i love her cover of animal i dnt think marina and the diaminds will be any comparision to sky as she grows