Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Laeken

I met Los Angeles clothing designer Mallyce Miller (& her assistant Hailey) of Laeken a year ago at a trunk show at Shotwell in San Francisco. Both stunning, tall beauties draped in sexy, cool & casual pieces that turned out to be Mallyce's creations.

Impressed, I immediately gave them the scoop on Ladies Lotto and invited them to the next event in LA. Mallyce, who went to USC during my own stint, has created a chic accessibly sophisticated line that blends fashion, beach and femininity into one perfect affair.

Proud to have Mallyce's presence in Ladies Lotto, it seems as if Laeken has only just begun.

To purchase Laeken, visit: Become a fan of a fellow LLADY on Facebook, visit:

1 comment:

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