Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Red Hook Stoop Sale

How often do you ever see a garage sale in new york? I would estimate about a good 90% of new yorkers have never seen a garage sale, other than the ones you would see in the movies. What could possibly sold that you cant just buy at a regular store? Tons of items are sold that are slightly used and cheaper than what it would originally be priced; so maybe this is what you need more than anything in this time of a recession. A thanks should be sent out to Stephanie Silhavy who first put it together, who like many women, have a tendency to hold on to some clothes that should have been thrown out, given away or should just never be worn. Life will be a little easier for us this upcoming June 12, from 10am to 6pm there will be a neighborhood wide Sidewalk Sale in various parts of redhook. This is also a nice way to bring the neighborhood together. It starts off with a few shirts that you decide to buy and maybe sell a few things, and you could leave with a BFF...who knows?

To take part is selling some of your own items, just send an email to There are already 26 families selling from 29 locations.

To check out all the locations of the sale, go to

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