Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Modern Mamahood: Toys...Oldskool vs Newskool

When selecting toys for your ever-learning little one, it's hard for us gadget-lovin' mamas to resist toys for baby that look like toys for adults! Plenty of brands have created robotic rolling balls, first laptops, mini cell phones, and all kinds of cool, computerized products that take the phrase "all the bells and whistles" to a new dimension completely.

Still, research has shown that the simpler "oldschool" toys or everyday household items like a wooden spoon are generally preferred by babies, and that they demand more imagination development than their high-tech counterparts. (Think about a 13-month old using a banana as a cell phone vs her baby-Blackberry...). But any kid would be excited by a toy like Leapfrog's "My Pal Violet", a plush puppy that can be USB-synched to your computer to upload favorite songs and your child's name for personalized play.

High-tech toys are much easier to find than the oldies. To help, here are some local spots to grab some of those good, old-fashioned, simple toy staples that have been stimulating babies for decades (another perk - these kinds of toys are usually toxic-free as long as they didn't used lead-based paint, and more enviro-friendly):
  • Los Angeles - Tom's Toys; 437 N. Beverly Dr; Beverly Hills, CA; 310.247.9822
  • New York City - Flying Squirrel; 96 N. 6th St; Brooklyn, NY; 718.218.7775
  • Chicago - Timeless Toys; 4749 N. Lincoln Ave; 773.334.4445
  • San Francisco - Ambassador Toys; 186 W. Portal Ave; San Francisco, CA; 415.759.8697
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LizaJane-popdarling said...

I def prefer the old, wood toys are great especially when you know what is actually going onto your their mouth!
I love HABA,plan toys ,melissa and doug(although I think they have sharp edges) all are great;)

lanaberry said...

Agreed girl! I think a PSA about toxic toys will need to be coming soon! Sounds like you will have some recommendations?