Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modern Mamahood: Self-Hypnosis for Less Pain on D-Day

Delivery day is one of the most anticipated days in a woman's life. What we do to prepare for it (or how many horror stories we hear) can make or break our experience. From Vitamin E and Primrose Oil to work on expanding the last stop down the canal, to scheduling a spinal and a c-section, women will do nearly anything to avoid experiencing the kind of severe pain we've been warned about.

What if you could train your mind to minimize the pain associated with the experience? I'm not talking about an epidural or the body-numbing intravenous drugs they hand out in the delivery room, I'm talking about self-hypnosis.

Thousands of women have studied self-hypnosis for childbirth and have successfully delivered without the use of any drugs or medical interventions. Self-hypnosis is considered a method of coping and pairs nicely with natural childbirth.

If this kind of birth experience is a goal for you, I personally recommend the home-study program by Hypnobabies. I've also heard Hypnobirthing is another good program, using a slightly different approach. To study self-hypnosis at home, you are given a workbook and several prep and delivery day audio scripts you can load onto your iPod. Other learning options include a hypno-doula or group classes.

My experience with Hypnobabies rocked. I was completely zen on my delivery day. The nurses didn't believe I was actually experiencing such hard contractions because of my chill reaction to it all. Practicing self-hypnosis was a stimulating mental challenge for me, and the 30min of peace it required each day was a great balance to the looney pregnancy hormones. I will definitely be doing this again for #2.

For more info, contact one of the programs at the links above. And feel free to reach out to me as well, I'd be happy to share more about what it was like!

- Lana Perry

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