Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2nd Annual ALT Benefit Art Event in Chelsea is Tomorrow!

2nd annual ALT Benefit Art Event in loving memory of Anders Larson-Toich, aka big Yuck one.

A huge, one-night event featuring more than 30 artists, live DJs, Graffiti murals, awesome raffle items, and an open bar courtesy of Bushmills.


The former Con Edison supply warehouse - 169 10th ave and 21st street - directly under the High Line in Chelsea, NYC.


One night blow out event on June 10th, 2010 from 6pm-10pm.


Anders was a good friend, relentless artist and an amazingly compassionate person.

- A message from the President of the Organization -

The Foundation bears the name of my son Anders. I was privileged to share his all too brief life on this earth for 23 years. The last six of which I watched him undergo the often devastating effects of cancer treatments, including multiple surgeries, several rounds of radiation therapy and many chemotherapy drugs. Through it all I was humbled by his constant courage, grace and will. It has forever changed my life and many others.

We are committed to carrying on Anders positive, loving energy on this earth. By raising money and completing projects needed to help other adolescents and young adults, the actions of this Foundation can best create a lasting and fitting tribute to the memory of Anders.


- 6,000 square foot warehouse.
- 35+ Artists
- Graffiti / murals painted throughout the space.
- Music.
- Drinks.
- Raffle items provided by Claw Money, Peg Leg NYC, Reason, Only, aNYthing & Also known As.


Learn about the Anders Larson-Toich Foundation:

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Anonymous said...

Duhh, it is in Chelsea not Brooklyn - read the copy!