Thursday, May 20, 2010

Protect Yourselves

As we approach the Summer of 2010, I cannot express how important it is to wear sunscreen. I am originally from Japan where they are utterly obsessed with protecting their skin from future sun spots. Out of the many beauty products in Japan, I wanted to share my favorite sunscreen that I wear under my makeup everyday.

Biorè UV Perfect Milk is a cream with SPF 50 protection but it doesn't have a thick creamy texture nor does it turn your face white or greasy. When you apply it, the light creme quickly evaporates and leaves you with a clean, powdery finish. The sunscreen is ideal for the summer; leaving your face fresh and light. It is ideal for makeup wearers because it doesn't make your makeup run like other sunblocks. Non makeup wearers can use this too because it absorbs any unwanted oil and keeps your face looking fresh.

here to get your hands on a bottle.

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