Thursday, May 6, 2010

From Reel to Real: Pam Grier

You may have first grooved on her in the 1970's, as the original Foxy Brown, or the vigilante she-roe, Coffy. Or just maybe 20 years later, you met her through the flight attendant gun-runner, Jackie Brown. Still, many of you may have also made her acquaintance, still sexy in the 21st century, as Kit Porter on The L Word. But no matter when or where you first met Pam Grier, the bottom-line is that you will never forget her, due to the indisputable fact that she epitomizes the “brick-house woman": fiesty, unapologetically fierce, with over-the-top curves to boot, and enough balls to always "stick it to the man"!

Now, without a script, without a director, and through no other voice but her very own, you can get up close and personal with Ms. Pam Grier in her recently released memoir Foxy: My Life in Three Acts (Published by the Hachette Book Group).

Among the many eyebrow-raisers in Foxy, one of the most shocking revelations in her memoir, is the dichotomy between the bold, dynamic roles that she is known for playing in movies, and her own personal narrative which includes struggles with sexual assault at a young age, cervical cancer, and the loss of loved ones to suicide. Sprinkle in her share of famous loves, and this makes for one truly bad-ass read! As the
NY Times quoted her as saying: “My life is probably more interesting and dangerous than some of the movies I’ve done.”

Say it isn’t so, Foxy!!

Can you say perfect summer beach read? The book is in stores now. You can preview an excerpt of the book

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