Wednesday, May 5, 2010

99 Problems and Your Period Ain't One

Apparently there's a serious problem - girls in developing countries are less likely to attend school and more unlikely to attend school when they're on the rag. Of course human beings sometimes tend to be short sighted and focus on the obvious instead of digging a little bit deeper.

With that in mind, what has happened recently is that a flood (pun intended) of companies like Procter & Gamble are supporting programs such as the Protecting Futures Program, which provides sanitary pads and hygiene education to girls in Africa. But guess what they have found out? Just because you give girls the "protection" they need doesn't mean they'll go to school.

New evidence shows that a sanitary napkin isn't going to get girls to school but what will get girls to go to school is re-examining the culture that surrounds it - meaning - changing attitudes about females in school, their importance to the contribution of the society in which they live as well as attitudes on gender roles, sex, reproduction and worth. HELLO!

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