Monday, March 15, 2010

Herstory: Nikki Corvette

Girls like me were born to rock n roll - Nikki Corvette

You're So Young & Crazy - Nikki & The Corvettes

All this talk about The Runaways movie (the all female band led by Joan Jett), got me thinking about power pop and the amazing Nikki Corvette.

Nikki Corvette, hailing from Detroit, fronted the band, Nikki & The Corvettes back when women in music were more likely to play acoustic guitar & sing with a breathy whisper. Back then, Nikki didn't know she was inventing the girl rock & bubblegum punk genres (which really didn't take off until the 90's with bands like The Donna's & The Bobbyteens). "They had a sound somewhere between the Go-go's and the Ramones with bubblegum teenage libido maxed out with a dose of the Shangri Las. Led by a "new wave Betty Boop," to quote one review, this power group offered sounds and sex appeal. " states

Girls Like Me / Let's Go - Nikki & The Corvettes

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