Monday, October 19, 2009

Moon Mass

MOON MASS one night only art party and exhibition:

Moon Mass
Exhibition and one-night celebration
123 Baxter (between Hester and Canal)
October 22, 2009 6-9pm

Most of us will probably never get to the moon. For all we know, the substance, matter and atmospheric gases amount to a whole lot of nothing. This exhibition is like the moon. It assembles probe-worthy components but unless you delve into each one, it can really seem about nothing at all. It's alchemy. We've turned nothing into something. Something brilliant. Something like the moon.

We love the moon.

The artists participating in the show are Kip Frace, Gabrielle Mangeri, Javier Orcaray and Andrea Taormina.

Music by Chunis (Flor Z & Pol Medina). Drinks! Free!!!

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