Monday, June 1, 2009

Ladies Lotto LLab: Career Counseling with Judith Gerberg

Photo by Lucia Holm

Economic woes have sent many ladies into a tailspin. Jobs have been lost, hours and benefits have been cut and some of us aren't quite sure what to make of our current situation. Lucky for you we're not about to let you get all gloom and doom. Now is a great time to ask yourself what you really want to do and create a plan to get there.

Career counselor and director of gerberg & company, Judith Gerberg is just the woman to come to the rescue. For more than 18 years Judith and her team have helped transform the personal and professional lives of clients including employees of NBC and Young & Rubicam. She's also the creator of Passion Projects
; workshops designed to 'help clients find the work they love, and to undergo change to address the challenging questions of the day.'

Judith Gerberg will share her experience and insight at the next Ladies Lotto LLab. If you're trying to find your bliss or just something to pay the bills you should attend this workshop on June 17th. It's as close as you'll get to a one-on-one for $5!

Click here to RSVP (or email rsvpnyc[at] and we'll send additional details your way.

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