Friday, May 22, 2009

Happier Hour.

Image by Lora Femme

Summer is around the corner!! Happy hour can be a little more happier when you go low-cal.

Calorie Reducing Tips (via University of Rochester)

  • Try alternating alcoholic drinks with low calorie non-alcoholic drinks or water.
  • Ask for low calorie / diet mixers where possible.
  • Make your wine into a spritzer (a longer drink), or your lager into a shandy - both have fewer calories.
  • Substitute your "alcopop" for a shot of spirit and a low calorie mixer - about a quarter of the calories!
  • Plan your alcohol into your daily calorie quota so you can enjoy a glass or two. If you know you will be drinking during the weekend, try to save some calories each day in advance, so you can eat normally before you go out.
  • Don't be tempted to skip meals to allow for drinks, as alcohol won't satisfy your hunger. In fact, alcohol lowers blood sugar levels (it prevents sugar that is normally stored in the liver, as glycogen, from breaking down). A drop in blood sugar levels sends signals to the brain you are hungry. With alcohol in your system, willpower can go out of the window and the snack attacks kick in. Eating a proper meal before you go out will line your stomach and slow the rate at which alcohol absorbs into your bloodstream, keeping you in control of how much you eat and drink.

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